Shamanic Accessories

Having strong connections with my Shamanic guides. They have tasked me to make protective and healing jewellery also some smudging tools and wands for healing purposes.  Everything I make is made with healing energy and with love in mind. I make each piece with guidance and advice and channel this into the piece I am making.  I love making a specific piece with someone in mind as they always come out better and perfect just for them. I use crystals with the combination of natural products as much a possible as I feel you get the best blends of energy like that.


A talisman is an object which is believed to contain certain magical or sacramental properties which would provide good luck for the possessor or possibly offer protection from evil or harm. Everything I make I make with lots of love infused with Reiki and Anusha. My guid helps me create these and then to set the intend specifically for the person and their requirements.

Shamantic Jewellery & Talisman

Reiki is love, love is wholeness, wholeness is balance, balance is well-being, Well-being is freedom from disease...

Dr Mikao Usui
Reiki Founder

Shamantic Lapis Lazuli Talisman £20

Shamantic Clear Quartz Talisman £20

Healing by Design